Whats happening this season at The Omaka Maze?

Field of HORRORS - R15






An Event not to be MISSED! over 1400 people experienced Corn of the Dead and field of horror in 2016 and 2017...this year will be even BETTER!!!



Maze Runner

Last year we discovered that Blenheim families can be a competitive bunch. So the Maze Runner will cater for the most competitive of family groups. There are a couple of options to do the Maze Runner.

Race it!

Two mazes run side by side and are the mirror opposite of each other. This means you can race the other team to the finish to see who is the Omaka Super Maze Runner Champion! If you are racing please be respectful of other maze users, especially small children. People that are running dangerously in the maze will be asked to leave.

Please refer to the Omaka Maze rules when you buy your tickets. We want people to have heaps of fun but still be safe.

Quiz it!

The Maze Runner also has quiz questions that if you answer them correctly it will lead you the right way through the maze. If you answer them wrong you will go to a dead end, and who knows how much longer the Maze Runner will take??

The quiz questions change every week so come back and see if you can conquer the maze/your family and keep your Omaka Super Maze Runner Champion title for the summer!

It is the ultimate Tortoise vs Hare story, plan your strategy and you will be the champion!

Circle maze

This year there will be 5 letters to find in the circle maze, find the letters, solve the mystery word and write it down on the clipboard. The Mystery word will change each week and will be related to our theme for the week.


Birthday Party!

The Omaka Maze is a great place to celebrate a birthday. Why not bring your party food and your party spirit and enjoy an amaizing party which is a little different.

We can open by appointment so you can have the whole maze to yourself! Please phone to discuss arrangements.